Contests And Promos

Running a contest or sweepstakes can be complicated. Let us make it a worry-free experience for you.

We're about making sure your promotions have the right tools to succeed.

At Three Sixty, we do in-studio integrated marketing. What this means is that we have the experts and tools right here to provide a unique combination of marketing resources to make holding promotions a smoother affair.

If you're looking to run a promotion with both online and offline elements that attract and retain customers longer—increasing sales, exciting and engaging your audience, providing better lead generation lists and knocking your competition off their feet—we need to talk.

Successful promotions require expertise and elbow-grease.
Our team takes the time to get to know you and build your promotions right. Because we offer both web and print components, we set your promotion up to excel by improving coordination and communication through having your web development, design, and print team under one roof. Ultimately, our knowledge and dedication save you time and energy, so you can focus on watching your promotion meet your goals, instead of tedious administration and management.

The contest cycle

From announcing the promotion to announcing the winners, our tools and expertise help make every stage a success.


  • Comprehensive online and offline promotion tools
  • Attract new customers and increase sales
  • Build your mailing list
  • Drive traffic online and to stores
  • Drive awareness of new products when they launch
  • Increase word-of-mouth recommendations and build customer loyalty

Online contests and promotions

We design, build, and host your online contests, sweepstakes, and promotions. We're there every step of the way to ensure that your promotion functions on the web as it should; from integrated email notifications to social media, these elements widen your audience and help create a buzz.

Mobile-ready microsites

As the primary web component of your promotion, your contest website will be a central hub of traffic, lending valuable insight into the performance of your promotion while making sure your audience stays engaged with your brand. Whether it's designed to educate your audience about a new product or excite them about a seasonal offering, we can structure your website however you like.

Similarly, we can develop the online portion of your promotion to best benefit how it will be used. Holding an event outdoors? We can develop specifically for iPad and mobile devices so collecting registrations is as simple and secure as possible. Or we can create the website to simply be mobile-friendly to make sure your promotion is accessible from anywhere.

Automated email notifications

Keep your participants engaged and up-to-date with automated emails, designed and themed according to your promotion. We can track opens and read rates, so you can generate secondary lists of the most interested individuals.

Detailed online reporting

Get better real-time data by monitoring activity and performance while your promotion is still in progress. From analytics detailing visitors’ demographics and behaviour to participant submission data and email reporting that specifies opens and reads, reports can be generated to highlight and pinpoint any metrics you need.

Social media integration

Along with your standalone website, your promotion can be integrated with Facebook, allowing you to leverage social connections and interactions to catalyst your campaign.

In addition to integration with Facebook, your website will have built-in social media components that allow your visitors to share the promotion on Facebook, Twitter and G+ or email invitations to their friends.

Multiple types of promotions

Whether you need to run a photo, video or essay contest, a national sweepstakes or a game of chance, Three Sixty can create an easy-to-use and highly shareable website suitable for your specific type of campaign. Depending on your promotion, users can enter, submit their content, share with friends, or vote for the entrant they want to win the most. No matter which kind of promotion you hold, your data will be easy to view and simple to manage.

Search Engine Optimization

Your promotional website will be developed according to the latest standards and best practices for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If ensuring that your website is found by the most people possible is a priority, thus maximizing your ROI, full SEO services are available, including copy optimized for your target market.

Print materials for contests and promotions

At Three Sixty, we know there's nothing like putting your promotion in front of your audience: print draws attention. Our range of print capabilities ensures that no matter where your customers are—in your store or home on their couch—a promotional piece can be right in their hands.

Point-of-Purchase and in-store materials

From ballot boxes to overhead signs and flyers, our POP materials catch your customers when they're most likely to make a purchase, motivating consumer behaviour and increasing the variety of participants in your promotion.

Direct mail and variable data printing

Through the use of postcards, flyers or letters and our variable data printing process, you can follow up with your participants and make sure that your company stays in mind.

Data collection and management

Quality data with less turnaround time doesn't have to be hard to come by. By leveraging your promotion, Three Sixty can provide lists of viable leads so you can target your marketing initiative more effectively.

Powerful registration forms

Our registration forms can be customized to capture any type of data desired, such as preferences or interests—valuable marketing insight. Depending on the needs of the promotion, we can also include measures to help guard against entry fraud.

Data compilation and lead generation

From our online reporting tools, you will be able to view and download all reports as CSV to Excel. This allows you to generate a lead database full of fans and potential customers. Get the most out of your data by putting it to work for you through marketing or remarketing initiatives with our variable data services.

Our integrated contests and promotions are designed to create a lasting impact with your customers, not your work schedule. Are you ready to get the most out of your marketing?

Contact us or call us now at 905-470-7121 to speak with one of our project directors and schedule a free consultation.