Variable Data Printing

With the ability to reach increasingly larger and larger audiences, we're living in a more impersonal world than ever before. Traditional mass marketing offers blanket advertisements with fit-all techniques—and for many markets, with less than stunning results.

Variable data printing offers a new approach.

By combining personalized messages with the latest in data technology, you can efficiently mass market without sacrificing direction or diluting your pitch. From data processing and management to data capturing, our variable data printing services allow you to apply more specific sales pitches, utilize a wider variety of mediums, and ultimately, collect better marketing and remarketing data. And better data means better results.

Personalized marketing is marketing at its most effective.

Our variable data printing services allows you to market one-to-one with your customers by personalizing communication. Beyond simply adding names, our variable data printing solutions enable custom communication with specialized pitches, colours, fonts, images, charts, or any other elements for each customer based on their unique demographic. By speaking directly to the recipient, you're able to create an instant connection that drastically increases your success rate.

Variable data printing can also be used to create a more relevant shopping experience. Likewise, customizing specific information on sales signage and point-of-purchase (POP) pieces, national and regional stores enhances general messages and helps drive local initiatives home.

United with web, variable data printing increases your marketing potential and resulting data.

Integrated, personalized marketing puts the tools you need to find and secure your ideal customers right at your fingertips. Along with customized elements, we can include dynamic QR codes and personalized URLs (PURLs) directly in your print pieces.

Through seamless incorporation, recipients can view more information or preview their own customized product before placing their order. We can track when a recipient uses their QR code to visit their PURL, giving you better reporting for your initiative. This information can be applied elsewhere or in the form of remarketing.

Regardless of implementation, the ability to integrate personalized marketing initiatives with the web leads to larger opportunities for conversion, better data and a total increase for your ROI.

Comprehensive in-house variable data printing services mean convenient, high-quality marketing pieces with a quick turnaround. We offer:

  • Data processing and management
  • Full printing services
  • Fulfillment and distribution
  • Incorporation with web media via QR codes and PURLs
  • Data capturing tools (websites, iPads, etc.)

The possibilities are as wide as our range of printing capabilities.

At Three Sixty Studios, we can apply variable data printing to a large selection of pieces, including:

  • Postcards
  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Tags
  • Stationary
  • Corporate materials
  • Large format
  • Posters
  • Point-of-Purchase
  • Newsletters
  • Statements

Are your sales as strong as they could be? Market smarter with variable data printing services from Three Sixty Studios.

Let's use the power of integrated marketing to your advantage. Contact us or call 905-470-7121 now for a free quote and to discuss what our variable data printing services could mean for you.